Students’ Side Jobs in Ireland

Dear pembaca, artikel ini bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi seputar peluang pekerjaan sampingan yang memungkinkan untuk status pelajar di Ireland. Ada baiknya sebelum kita bahas satu persatu mengenai peluang pekerjaan sampingan, kita hendaknya mengetahui bagaimana peraturan mengenai working permit untuk resident yang berstatus mahasiswa aktif (GNIB Stamp 2 for student). Pemegang Stamp 2 hanya diperbolehkan untuk […]

PRISMA 1st Edition Galway (2nd Dec 2017)

PRISMA (abbreviation of a probe and criticism on scientific paper) 1st edition in Galway on 2nd December 2017. These ongoing sessions are meant for Indonesian students in Ireland to share their knowledge on their respective study fields and scientific papers. The format is like TED Talk, followed by lunch. Target audience: all members of PPI […]

First Impressions of Galway

Hello everyone my name is Cathy and I am studying my masters at NUI Galway in Digital Media. It’s been three months since I started living in Galway and all I can say is that the experience here has been pretty amazing. It’s quite a small city if you’re used the likes of Jakarta (that’s […]